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Christopher & Heroildo

Christopher and Heroildo began their adoption journey in July 2015.  Over the next 12 months, they navigated through the adoption process, from IMPACT training, home study visits and adoption matching events.  In July 2016, their son moved into their home on adoptive placement.  Like so many new adoptive parents, they thought the hard part was over, but the real work was just beginning. 

As a top-rated real estate agent, Christopher's success comes from setting his clients' expectations early, explaining the real estate process clearly, and always having a quality referral for every need.  While going through their adoption process, the largest hurdles or frustrations always came from the lack of one of these items.  Adoption workers often did not know their own processes, sugar-coated over serious matters, and lacked even basic referrals for therapists.  From this experience, the Matos-Rogers chose to take what they do professionally, and create that system for foster care adoption.  They set out to build a community of adoptive parents, competent adoption professionals, and quality service providers, with the intent to help adoptive parents succeed.  Necessity truly is the mother of invention!

In January 2017, they began a small closed group on Facebook that included a few adoption professionals and fellow adoptive parents they had met during the process.  The group grew organically as members interacted with other adoptive parents at various events, and as adoption professionals recommend ADOPT GA as a resource to new families.

Upon finalization of their son Conner, in July 2017, they decided it was time to take the group to the next level.  These new steps included becoming a nonprofit, adding a new website to better present the group's resources, and adding monthly support group meetings.  

Board of directors


Christopher Matos-Rogers

Contact chris@adoptga.org if you're interested in being on the Board of Directors.


Eylmer Bartolome

Almost four years ago, my partner and I made a decision to embark on a journey neither one us have ever been on and an adventure we both knew will change our lives forever.  The process was much longer and much more complicated than we anticipated.  Between the home study process, IMPACT classes, CE classes, background checks, adoption events, and adoption websites, the search was long and arduous.  However, our patience and perseverance finally paid off when Dustin moved in with us in October 2015.  No classes or textbooks or webinars prepared us for the challenges of parenthood over the next few months!  One would think that all the classes and seminars, etc. that we took prior would have given as a heads up on what it would be like – sort of!  But what we quickly found out:  it is absolutely different when there is an actual child involved and actually living in your home.  It was a rollercoaster ride indeed, but in the end, it’s true what everyone says:  parenthood is the toughest job you’ll ever have but also the most rewarding!  On July 12, 2016, we started a new journey…but as a much bigger family!  On that special day, Dustin’s adoption was finalized and he officially became our son.

Professionally, I’m an Area Supervisor for The HoneyBaked Ham Company overseeing 4 locations on the east side of Atlanta.  With this type of responsibility, it is imperative that I stay organized, maintain a good eye for detail, possess good time management skills, and exhibit integrity and credibility.  Possessing these skills have allowed me to be very successful in my line of work.  Additionally, having been in the restaurant and retail business for over 25 years have allowed me to establish a wide range of network within the industry and beyond.  

As a member of the AdoptGA team, I intend on sharing and harnessing my skills in order to help the group achieve its goals.  And as an adoptive parent who has been through the process, I have first-hand experience of the trials and tribulations from pre-adoption to placement to post-adoption.   I am willing to share best practices and resources that we learned along the way.  It has been a journey and it is far from over, but it is finally quite a relief to know that we were not alone in some of the experiences we were going through.  


Jennifer Smith

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Roberto Rivera

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Open Position

We currently have an open position on our Board of Directors.  The ideal candidate would have prior experience in non-profit start up. If interested, please email chris@adoptga.org.


Without you, we wouldn't be a community.  Thank you for being here and being a part of our adoption family.