ADOPTIONS: Where To Start

Where to start varies based on the type of adoption you choose.  Explore typical adoption choices below.

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Foster Care Adoptions

COST: As low as $0

One advantage to foster care adoption is the low cost to adopt.  In many cases, if you adopt within state, the costs may be completely covered by DFCS.  This lessens the burden on adoptive families and helps some families that might not be able to due so otherwise.


Foster care adoptions can take anywhere from 1-2 years, or longer depending on your criteria for a child.  Those who wait the least typically are open to older children, attend adoption events, and advocate for themselves.  Fostering to adopt is another method that can lead to a shorter timeframe.

Age of Children: Newborn to 18

It's a common misperception that infants are only adopted by private adoption.  Truth is, many newborns and younger children are available to adopt from foster care.  Older children are also available and may have been waiting to be adopted.  There are many misconceptions about older kids in foster care, you might just be surprised how well you connect with an older foster youth. 

Where to Start

Finding ADOPT GA means you're off to a great start!  Be sure to join the discussion in our Facebook group.  Next, you can begin the process by reaching out to your local county DFCS office.  They can schedule you for an orientation class and get you set up for IMPACT training and your home study.  Find your local county DFCS office here.  Working with a private agency is another option.

Private Agencies

Private agencies can be a good fit for families who would like some additional support during the process.  Families First and TREK are 2 popular agencies for all families.  Religious-affiliated agencies include Bethany Christian Services, Lutheran Services and more.

Other Groups

There are multiple other agencies and organizations focused on child advocacy and adoption recruitment.  These include organizations such as Wendy's Wonderful Kids.  You can learn more about Wendy's Wonderful Kids here.

Private Adoptions

COST: Varies

One of the biggest hurdles for any family looking to adopt is cost.  Private adoptions can often be costly, often totaling $30,000 or more.  Some families employ the use of loans, grants, and fundraisers to help with the costs.


From start to finish, private adoptions typically take a couple years.  Potential adoptive parents often must be selected by a birth mother or clear international laws, which can often drag out the timeline to 3 years or more.  Having a great agency and networking will greatly improve your chances.

Age of Children: Typically Newborn

Children adopted through private adoption are typically adopted from the birth mother or a foreign orphanage.  As such, these children are younger, typically newborn to a few years old.

Find an Agency

Home Study

Network, Network, Network

Make a family book, flyers, attend adoption parties.  If you're comfortable, share your decision to adopt on social media and in-person.  You never know who may be able to make a connection.