Mission Statement

To ultimately serve children in care, by providing adoptive parents a community of peer support, resource referrals, and mentorship, in order to increase successful adoptions.

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What We Do



Our founding principal was to share service referrals for key adoption areas: counselors, therapists, and psychiatrists.  As our group has grown, that now includes adoption attorneys, educational advocates, state DFCS contacts and even basic providers such as pediatricians and dentists. 



Adoption is life-changing.  It will try your resolve and sometimes exhaust you.  That's when it helps to know you're not alone.  Many fellow adoptive parents have gone through the exact same experience and emotions.  Why should each new adoptive parent have to reinvent the wheel?  With support, you won't have to.


In-Person Events

While our online resources offer a wealth of information, we do like to get together offline.  Our events include family days where we all get together for an action packed day. Past family days have included bowling and a cookout on an island!  We are planning to add monthly support group meetings and more family days.