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Adoption Resource Center

Adoption Agencies


Adoption is a complex process and it helps to have a representative for you.   Just like adoption, adoption agencies are varied, one size does not fit all.  Explore the list here and find an agency that fits your family. 

Adoption Assistance


For adoptions from foster care, there are many types of adoption assistance available.  Get an overview here.

Adoption Attorneys


Looking for an attorney to handle your adoption finalization?  The attorneys on this list can handle both private and foster care adoptions.  In the case of foster care adoptions, some of these attorneys can be reimbursed directly by the state, costing you little to nothing out of pocket.

Education Advocates and Other Specialists


Education is a complex arena, even for biological parents.  Our resources will allow you to properly understand and advocate for your child's educational needs, and find competent representation if needed.

Therapists, Counselors, and Psychiatrists


How do you find a reliable therapist or psychiatrist, experienced in adoptions, that's fairly close to home?  Check here.  We have a list of providers, in all areas of town and with various insurers.

Other Adoption Organizations, Support Groups & Resources


Searching for even more resources, community support, and education opportunities?  These are some of the additional groups available.